How To Write My Personal Statement: An Answer To A Popular Request

There are times when we need to make a personal statement about ourselves. Often this is required when we apply for a university, study program or job. You need to come up with a unique, honest and original summation of all that you are, usually in just a few short sentences! Where can you begin?

We cannot give you “the answer” to this question. Why not? It's because you are you, an individual that differs in thousands of ways from all the other individuals out there. No two personal statements will ever be the same, just as no two people are exactly alike.

That said, we can offer you some helpful hints to make your personal statement shine. Keep the following in mind as you compose yours:

  • Be Positive And Upbeat
  • You want to come across as a capable and confident individual, someone that people can place their trust in. Arrogance will turn people off and weaken your personal statement, so take care not to go overboard. But never be afraid to share any accomplishments that are of particular importance to you, and any commendations or awards that you have received.

  • Be Specific As To The Strengths That Make You A Suitable Candidate
  • You will need to take into consideration who is going to read your personal statement as you compose it. Is it for a college admissions interview, or study abroad volunteer position?

    In the first situation, you would want to focus on your academic accomplishments, experience in your field of study, and any research you have been part of. Your audience in this situation is not interested in the fact that are an avid vegetable gardener.

    However in the second example, farming or agricultural experience may very well be considered a strength if you are looking to volunteer planting rice in the paddies of Cambodia. Keep in mind why you are writing your personal statement and who will be reading it.

  • Include Outside Interests, Volunteer Work And Activities
  • Again, what you include in your personal statement must be relevant to the situation at hand. In the example above, an applicant seeking admission to a geology program would want to include the fact that they are part of an after class science club, and help tutor high school students that are struggling with their science assignments.

    If you are applying to volunteer in Cambodia, the committee deciding on the team to be sent abroad would be happy to hear that you work with Asian immigrants at the local community center. Writing your personal statement means remembering your reader, keep it relevant and keep it real!

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