How To Write A Scholarship Essay Fast

Nearly a hundred thousand people apply for scholarships in the United States. The size of the applicant pool for scholarships have grown dramatically over the past decade, up nearly one third from the last fiscal census. As competition for scholarships escalates, it becomes more important than ever to find ways to set yourself apart from the pack. You must transform your application into something more than the alphabet soup of GPA’s, resume’s, and honors if you want a reward letter from the scholarship sponsors of your choice. In a world where few scholarship donors interview candidates anymore, you must find a way to convey a sense of who you are, why you want this particular scholarship in question, and why you have the makings of a deserving candidate. In other words, you have to make your mark in your personal statement or essay.

There is no formula for the perfect essay, no magic piece of advice to follow. But creating the “golden” essay becomes especially challenging, when you need to deliver FAST. The essay writing process is an intensely personal one. Your best essay will come from within you and will reflect your own goals, desires, and worldview. Here are a few tools you’ll need to write a coherent, compelling, and unique essay that will get the attention of any scholarship committee. Here is a definitive, yet humble guide of how to piece one together when you’re under the pressure of meeting a tight deadline.


Your opening statement can make or break your chances of being considered

Applicants typically open their essay with something along the lines of “My name is A and I’m going to be a student at University B.” That’s a waste of ammo. Instead, lead with a strong opening sentence. At the crown of your essay, start with why you’re excited about this scholarship and why you’re the candidate they’re looking for.

For example, you might write, “I’m speech pathology student with already years of hands-on experience and I believe my mission is akin to vision of your donors.” Then,


Dive into all the relevant reasons regarding your experience and mission that is directly related to their advertised vision.

For instance: “ My experience in student conducted research on speech problems in elementary level children, such as stuttering, and the effects they have on their learning curve has prepared me to spear-head a study that may contribute significantly to future advancement of the field of science of speech pathology.” Chances are the committee is reading a heap of applications so you want to stay away from common platitudes if you want to stand out from the rest.


Show them that your cause is genuine.

Share how what you intend to do with their funding is along the same lines as the values they uphold; you can even share an accomplishment that demonstrates what the purpose of the scholarship aims to achieve. Include those few pointers we just mentioned and you’ll have 80% of what makes a winning essay. The remain 20% is the magic touch. This has to come from within you!

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