Creating an Original Personal Essay

College is the next step a young high school student will take as they advance their education after graduation. There is much to prepare for as they will be experiencing many new things. Many students will move on campus and be away from their parents for the first time in their lives. There will be parties, inspirational people, and classes that they will need to become accustomed to. Before they walk onto a college campus they will have to plan for their collegiate career. This requires that they find prospective school and apply. Along with the application of attendance to the school, many students will be required to submit a personal essay for review. This article will focus on creating an original personal essay.

An original personal essay comes from within. This is what makes you capable of creating such a masterpiece. When writing your personal essay you have to think before you write. Be sure to brainstorm. Jot down ideas for what you will be putting in the essay.

Your essay also needs to answer some very important questions. One such question is why this or A specific University against all others. Note what courses interest you and relate them to other courses you have take that can relate. You can also note how the degree will benefit you on a personal and professional level. Note major accomplishments in your life and how the university could help further develop and shape you as a person.

You may also address your interest and skills in the essay. You can note what you like to do when you are alone and leisure activities you take part in. If you speak different languages, or have a particular interest in a subject you should make note of that as well.

In order to be considered an original piece of work you will need to be true to who you are. If you have a quirky personality show it, if you are a funny person add in few, yet subtle jokes that are relevant to the subject matter. Talk about personal experiences that draw on the admissions officers emotions as well. Talk about yourself, don't mimic what others are saying, or try to make yourself into something you are not. You don’t need to hype up your personal statement to impress those behind a desk. A simple yet strong personal statement is just as appealing as one with a great story.

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