Who can read your admission essay?

A college admission essay is that one thing in the life of the college student that most wish they did not have to go through. It is not just a description of oneself, but more than that. It should give the people reading it an idea of what the student will bring to the table that other student do not already have. It shows how their life is and why they think an experience at their college of choice will change their life for the better. One college admission expert advised students to treat the admissions lie first dates. First dates come with the pressure to impress and make an impression, to both the world and to the date. Unlike first dates, many people should and will read the admission essay and dissect it. It should therefore be up to standard. Here is a list of the possible people who can read admission essays


They have been with the student through their formative years and in most cases know some of their traits better than anyone. One should run their admission essays by their parents since they can provide judgment on some of the issues that the student includes in their writing. Students sometimes write about things that changed how they view their lives, and chances are that their parents were involved n those incidents. Where parents have constructive relationships with their students, they can provide good insight into their essay.

High school counselors

High school counselors are the ones that the students go to with those problems that they cannot face their parents or the rest of the world with. Chances are that they have helped the student through difficult situations in the past involving their academics and their life in the past. They also have years of experience dealing with admission essays and attending seminars on the same so they have the right skills to guide the student through the process.

Admissions officers

These are the college employees tasked with going through the essays of prospective students and selecting the people who will get admitted into the program. Admission officers want to be impressed, to learn things about the student that are not only outstanding but realistic. They want to know what makes the student stand out from the rest.

In some cases, students should also seek feedback from independent people whom they do not have a relationship with for an objective analysis

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