How to write an essay for scholarship: avoiding common errors

If you are writing an essay for a scholarship, there are certain errors you need to avoid so that you can submit the best essay possible.

  1. Try and remain concise
  2. You will find that a handful of scholarship essay prompts will have a suggested minimum word count for the essays but they will not have a maximum. Because of this, many students try and write an incredibly long winded paper just to show that they can. They try and write every remarkable event they know or shove in everything they can think of to showcase their writing talents. But the readers of scholarship essay applications are not going to want to spend hours reading a single application. They are quite busy and they will want to get through a few essays per hour. That being said, it is best to stick to a word limit around 700 words.

  3. Make sure you are honest
  4. It is a bad idea to try and lie on your scholarship essay. You want to ensure that you start on an honest foot. You should make sure to be yourself. You do not have to be the best at everything. You do not have to be “president” of every club in which you participated. You can instead be honest and state that you were the “vice president” or “secretary” of your club or organization. Judges know there can only be so many presidents for every club out there, so be truthful.

  5. Proofread
  6. This means you should not only check for grammar and use spell check, but you should be coherent. You will not be able to cover everything in your essay so do not try. Pick a single item or two and highlight them in your piece. Do not waste your time trying to explain every good thing to happen in your life and do not waste the time of the reader. Make sure you double check your mechanics and that your punctuation is correct and that every name you use is spelled correctly.

  7. Avoid humor
  8. Always avoid humor in a scholarship essay because you never know if the reader will appreciate it or find it as entertaining as you.

Overall, work to ensure the reader appreciates the stories and people as much as you do through great character development and details.

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