Application Essay Writing Tips: What Makes You Special?

One of the greatest components to writing an application essay for admission in to college is the fact that you have to make your application stand out. There is a balance that you will have to achieve in order to have the proper mix of unique content and required content. While the panel wants to know why you are special, they also want to see that you can follow the correct essay-writing format for a paper like this. You will definitely cover admissions essay writing in your English classes in school; however, there is always information online that you can reference, or even classes that you can enroll in to learn more. Once you have the format down, it is time to focus on the unique information that you are going to be including in the essay.

It is helpful to start out with flash cards or a list of information that you would like to include. By starting out with this type of temporary list of information you are going to benefit from:

  • Not having to completely work in new information to a completed essay
  • Having an easier time reorganizing and editing the information that you are writing
  • It will take less time to distinguish if you are going to include all of the information or just pieces of the information
  • It will streamline the writing process in the long run

These elements of the writing process will help you to be able to better decide what information stays and what goes in regards to the application essay. Once you have written the information down that you would like to include, it is time to establish the reasons that you are special and unique.

All applicants who are writing about the same topic as you will start out with ensuring that they answered the question; however, you are not going to stop there. You are going to make sure that you are creating reasons for your application to stand out among the competition. Some of the greatest information for you to include helping you to stand out is:

  • Information about times when you became a leader
  • Talk about a struggle that you overcame that is relevant to the question
  • Talk about helping others to succeed
  • Reference your commitment to your academic career
  • nclude information about activities that you enjoy and hobbies
  • Discuss a couple of interesting facts about your personality

Remember the essay is just a way for the panel to get to know you beyond your test scores and grades.

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