The secret behind a good high school admission essay

If your high school requires an essay for entry, the process can be a stressful time. There’s a lot to take into consideration besides what the actual institutions are asking of you. Follow the below tips though and you’ll create an essay high schools will love.

Be Clear on the Instructions

First, make sure you are very clear about the high school’s instructions. Look for the word minimum and a word limit, if there is one. Certain high schools may designate a topic or give options to choose from. If you’re applying to multiple high schools, don’t assume each will be giving the exact instructions. Review and be sure your essay is compliant with what they’re asking for.

Focus in on Your Topic

Once you know your topic, it’s important to bring the focus to that subject matter immediately. Don’t waste time growing your introduction to unnecessary proportions. The reviewers of these essays have many to get through so boring them with too many words will not work to your favor. An easy way to do this is to pick a specific topic. The broader the topic you pick the more time you will need to spend introducing and explaining it.

Organize the Essay Well

Some students may get past the introduction fine, but then lose focus as they explore the subject matter in the following paragraphs. Make sure you think your topic through fully and take into consideration how many words you have to use before beginning to write it out. An outline can be very helpful here, especially one that highlights important points you want to make. Part of what your high school admissions board is looking at is not just students with knowledge, but students who can organize that knowledge in a meaningful way.

Don’t Forget to Include Yourself

It’s not enough to simply write a good essay. Many students hopeful for admission at your dream high school will write good essays. You’ll want to be sure you write one that makes an impression on the reviewer and the way you do that is by inserting yourself into the essay. There is nothing more unique about your essay than yourself and therefore nothing more memorable. No matter what you end up writing about, make sure your viewpoint and opinion on the matter are clear, albeit presented respectfully.

Writing your high school admission essay will certainly be a challenge, but don’t get so intimidated that you make easy mistakes. Follow the above advice and you’ll be proud of your work.

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