Most Popular Admission Essay Topics

When you are writing your college admission essay, you want your prose and choice to topic to really stand out from the crowd. It helps, then, to be aware of some of the topics that many of your peers will be choosing and using in their own essays. You want your own admissions essay subject to be unique, thought provoking, and related to your own personality in some way. This can be difficult enough, but throw in the added challenge of choosing a topic that hasn’t been done to death and many students really find the task difficult.

How to avoid writing a boring essay about a subject that millions of students have tread before? First, you should be aware of some of the topics that are the most popular for aspiring college students. Here are some of the most common and most popular college entry essays, which you should keep in mind before you select what to discuss in your own paper. You may use these topics as a source of inspiration for your own writing, but steer clear of copying these subjects whole cloth. If you write about these topics, you run the risk of boring your admissions committee.

Write a bit about your own background. What effect have your previous experiences and background had on who you are today, and your academic goals?

This is an incredibly popular topic, especially for students who have had challenging life experiences or are members of marginalized groups. If you have a fairly bland education and personal back story, it is recommended that you steer clear of this topic. If you do have a fascinating life story or a ton of accomplishments you feel the need to broadcast, this topic may still be worth your while.

Think back to a recent failure you have experienced. What did you learn?

This is a tricky subject to write about. You must pick a failure that is big enough to be interesting, but not so terrible that you lose your committee’s trust. Think to your recent work experiences, or tasks you have performed for extra curricular activities. You may be able to recall a mistake there that was massive in its impact, but which was entirely innocent and reasonable. If you can’t think of a failure that you can spin in a flattering light, you probably should not write about it.

Write about a major accomplishment you are especially proud of. Why was it so important to you?

This topic can be very useful if you have done something truly remarkable in your spare time, but do not use it to write vaguely about getting good grades or being accepted to National Honor’s Society. Instead, choose a more delicate way to share your successes.

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