Sat Essay Examples: The Easiest Ways To Find One Without Effort

SAT essays are an important part of admission process in most colleges and universities. In this kind of papers, you have to analyze a short (up to 80 words) quotation and, using various examples and your critical thinking skills, explain why you agree or disagree with it.

At your SAT exam, you would have nothing but paper and pencil, no access to any outside help, and would have to complete your writing in 25 minutes or so. A good way to prepare beforehand is to study winning essay examples. Here are a few effortless methods to get high-quality samples.

  • Visit the College Board website.
  • The College Board is the organization that has invented SAT essays and developed their assessment criteria. Their official website contains sample papers graded from 6 (the highest mark) to 1 (the lowest mark), with explanations why these essays deserve these marks. You can be absolutely sure that examples from this website are genuine and reliable. Apart from samples, you can discover useful writing tips and even register for SAT tests online.

  • Ask your teacher.
  • Your tutor might know places where good SAT essays can be found. He or she might recommend particular guide books to borrow from your school library, or reputable online resources to browse. Do not worry about how your teacher would perceive your question; in fact, he or she is personally interested in helping you. The more high school graduates make it into college, the more honored this school is.

  • Ask your friends.
  • Your friends are probably looking for sample essays as well as you. Share your experiences. You might also know someone who has already passed a SAT exam and entered the college. Ask about how they made it, how they prepared, which examples they used. An advice by a person who has been there not so long ago is priceless, and you can get it absolutely for free!

  • Google it.
  • There are few things easier than typing a search query. You might be surprised at how many SAT essay examples are out of there. A number of samples are even graded and explained. Some papers are uploaded by their authors, while others – by educators who wish to help aspiring college students. Use common sense to determine which websites can be trusted. If a website is overall reliable, it should offer good samples. Pick several examples rather than a single one – to analyze what common strong points they share.

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