How to write a law school personal statement

Right from the beginning you need to question your motivation. Do you really want to become a lawyer? Do you really want to go to law school? When you can give a definitive yes answer to those questions then you are ready to write your law school personal statement. Remember that this is a competitive world and your personal statement will be placed alongside those of other students who want the same thing as you do. Learn how to make your law school personal statement stand out. Take expert advice.

Know your audience

You will be sending your law school personal statement to a committee who will be representatives of the legal faculty at the educational institution to which you seek admission. They want to know who you are and your personal statement is a brilliant opportunity for you to introduce yourself. You need to make an impact on anyone who reads your statement. How do you do that? Make your statement outstanding. Make it different.

Ask yourself the question about the people who will read your statement. What are they looking for? What is the history of the law faculty at this college or university? By making a personal statement which addresses the specifics of this law faculty and the people who are employed there and who will be reading your statement, you give yourself a huge boost.

In many cases law schools do not offer you, the prospective student, the opportunity to engage in a face-to-face interview. Everything is riding on your personal statement. All the more reason why your statement has to be outstanding in every respect. It may well help you write your personal statement by drawing up a list of questions likely to be asked if you were to have a personal interview.

  • Do you have a dream to be a lawyer?
  • Are you able to see both sides of an argument or issue?
  • What examples can you list where you have been a good team member?
  • Are you a well-organized person?
  • What will you contribute to the law school if you are accepted?

A really good piece of advice is to show your personal statement to a working lawyer. Get their feedback. Ask them if they would be happy to employ a lawyer with the background as listed in your personal statement.

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