Answering each School's Admission Essay Individually

Many wonder about whether they can submit the same essay to each of the colleges they apply to or whether each one should be different. The answer here is that each one of the essays that you answer need to be different. You want to make them different but how different should they be.

Treat It Like It Is The Only One

One of the helpful tips would be to treat each essay like it is the only one. Make sure that you take the time to individualize the essays that you are writing. This being said don't just write one and edit parts of it to be different write out each one like it is the only one that you are writing. If you are able to follow through with this you will find that your essays will be as unique as possible for the colleges that you are submitting them to.

Why Individuality Is Important

Admissions want to know that they are accepting people who are truly interested in their college. When you submit essays that are all the same to different colleges you are not going to be hitting on the highlights of the individual college. Make sure that your essay contains something in it so that they can see that you took the time to make the essay for their college an essay that is unique and tailored just for this. This will go a long way in impressing those who will be reading over your admissions essay.

Apply To Colleges That Interest You

If you really want to feel that the time is worth it to make each of the admission essays unique then you should only apply to the colleges that really interest you. If you are not interested in the college you will find that making an essay that is unique for them is going to be extremely difficult. If you really desire to get into the college your effort is going to show in the essay that you write and send to the college. This is important to keep in mind and should help you with making sure the essay is truly unique.

If you keep these things in mind you are sure to find that you will do a great job when it comes to creating the admission essays for the colleges that you are interested in attending. Remember that they don't have to be completely different but they should all be very unique in their own way.

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