Picking Up Winning Essay Topic Ideas For A College Application: Tips & Examples

Choosing which college you want to go to is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life. Your parents won’t be too influential in helping you to make your own decision. This is your first fork in the road. You have in mind a good education to set you on your way.

  • The college application
  • The big decision still needs to be made. Most would-be college students are forced to cut their losses and opt for as many universities as possible because there is no guarantee that they will make it into their preferred school. It is also disheartening having to write an entry essay for a college that is way down your list of choices.

  • Essay writing tips
  • Assume that, like President Obama, you want to go to Harvard. You were never top of your class but always did your best and never failed to turn in your papers, which averaged consistently between A and B. A minority student perhaps, you need to stand out and impress one of the world’s most prestigious learning institutions on merit alone and not merely on circumstances.

  • Inspirational ideas
  • To impress your future dean, you need to be honest with yourself and strive to please yourself 1st with the effort of putting to paper your own, honest views on the issue of the day, or more challengingly, the topic that the college has already set for you. Impress the dean with your brightness, put forward persuasive arguments, but do not fire at will.

  • Who dares wins
  • Come up with your own, original ideas. Be bold but not necessarily sweeping with your statements. Like Lincoln, know your limitations, but never lose conviction or belief. One of the least understood myths in the business world is that of trying to please your master. The old fashioned value of standing on your own two feet still applies.

  • Plenty of your own tips
  • I have given you a few basic writing tips, but I will not give you inspirational ideas on what to put in your college application essay. I cannot think for you nor can I read your thoughts. You have your own ideas. Use them willingly.

  • Write from the heart
  • Rationalists have always thought with their heads, but those who won great battles in history and life thought with their hearts. Just remember this as you consider essay topic ideas for your college application, and you will do fine!

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