10 outstanding personal essay topics for high school

One of the main reasons why you would be asked to write a person essay is for college applications. A personal essay reflects on your personal life experiences and can tell a college admissions person a lot more about you as a candidate than any other type of paper that you may write. Coming up with a great topic for your personal essay says a lot about you as an applicant. Therefore, make sure that you choose a good topic to write about so that you can write a successful essay. Below are ten topic ideas that can be used to write and outstanding personal essay.

  1. Brave Moment: Is there a time that you felt very brave? Did you stand up to a bully in school or risk your own safety to help someone else? If there is a time where you have felt very brave, this is a great topic to write your personal essay about.
  2. Special Parents: What makes your mom or dad special? Are there some characteristics that make your mom a special person? Do you also possess the characteristics? Let your admissions officer know what makes your parents special and what traits were passed on to you.
  3. Life changing event: Did something happen to you and it changed your life forever? If so, write about the event and how it changed you.
  4. Overcame a fear: Is there something that used to really scare you and you decided one day to overcome that fear? Maybe you were scared of heights and you got the courage to ride that rollercoaster. Explain your fear and how you faced it.
  5. Difficult choice: Have you had to make a difficult choice in your lifetime? How did you make the decision? How did your decision effect other decisions that you have made since? If there was a difficult decision that you had to make, discuss how you made that decision. You can also talk about the results of that decision and if it has effected decisions that you have made since then.
  6. A special place: You can discuss a place that means a lot to you.
  7. A place that brings negativity: Is there a place that you try to avoid? Write about a place that brings negative thoughts and attention.
  8. Disappointment: Write about a time when you were really disappointed about something. Let the reader know how it made you feel and how you got over the disappointment.
  9. Power: If you were given power, let your audience know how you would handle it. Give specifics as to what power you had and what things you would use your new power to achieve.
  10. Failure: Talk about a time that you failed at something. Explain your failure and what you could do next time to make sure you don’t fail again.

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