Tips For Writing A Successful Admission Essay

Your admission essay is the single most important part of the admission process. When you’re applying to go to school, the only way you can stand out among all the other applicants is writing a fantastic essay. The other paperwork that goes along with your application is generic, and all applicants are on pretty equal fitting in that regard. With your admission essay, however, you need to impress the people that are making the decision to accept or reject you.

Getting Organized – Writing an Admission Essay

The top tip I can give you to writing an essay successfully is keeping your work tidy. If your desk is a mess, your brain will be, too. In order to get the right words out from your mind to your keyboard (or paper) you need to have an empowering environment. Make sure you don’t have clutter in the room you’re working in, your workspace is cleared off, your notes and research and instructions are orderly and in easy to reach places. All this will make the process of writing so much more fluid and easier.

That’s all great, but what about the actual writing part? Some students, even super organized and positive thinkers, struggle with writing. Not everyone is good at it, and not everyone likes writing. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Read your instructions very carefully. Make note of each individual step or item that you need to have in your essay and create a list so you can “check off’ each one.

  2. Write a brief summary of what you want to talk about. This only has to be a few sentences, or even one sentence, but the more detailed the better.

  3. Do some research, if any is needed, and order it by how you want it to appear in your essay. Then do a brief description of what you can write between each quote or research piece.

  4. Now you just have to fill in the rest of the essay. Don’t worry if your grammar isn’t that great or you sound boring; this is just the first draft.

  5. Let it sit for a while. Get some distance from your essay, at least overnight.

  6. Let other people read it. Find a few friends you trust enough to be honest with you, and see what they think. Another’s opinion is a lot more helpful than just editing on your own.

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