Perfecting your college application essay

Most students develop stomach butterflies whenever they are reminded to apply to join college. The reason is because they are placed on a balance and weighed before they can be selected to join the respective institutions. For instance, you are required to write college application essays that will be reviewed by the admissions board before you can be accepted into the system.

Here are the tips to get those stomach butterflies flying off but bear in mind that the experts must reviews your essay and ensure that you are among those who stand out from the rest.

Personal Essay Tricks and Tips

You will need to understand that your college essay should only reflect yourself and at the same time telling and giving insights about yourself as the applicant. The application is a space for the students that need to be filled with by way of introducing themselves into the school of their choice. Also, you will be required to tell the admission everything that they will need to know

Some students whose life is filled with no special abilities as well as tragedies or drama, their essays will be nothing but a bust! So, make your experiences count. This implies that whatever you have done in the past; make it count in a positive way. Most admission boards are basically interested in how you portray your experiences and also use them to your advantage. So, good communication is a requirement here.

'Stick to writing on yourself, not somebody mother'

For instance, one student wrote in his application essay about his hardworking mom who made sacrifices on a daily basis to give her him the best. This is a good essay but it has been brought out in the wrong way. This is one of the generic essays that most students write and other time prompt the admission board into wanting to adopt the other one instead of the student. Watch out how you write your essay, try to keep them personal. It’s not offensive writing about somebody who has had massive contribution into your life but really, these essays are just about you and your school.

Concentrating on the first paragraph

  • Make sure you exploit the first paragraph as much as possible. It should actually be the most important of all as it grabs the interest of the reader at the first instance and may create a positive or negative impression.

Be specific

Always state with evidence whatever it is you want to do or have done. Avoid general statements that aren’t backed with a basis.

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