Finding Emotional Intelligence to Be a Leader

Leadership entails many aspects and traits that combine to generate acceptability by both ethics and as an organization code of conduct. Our focus while lie on how one overcome and meets many obstacles in the efforts of finding the emotional intelligence to be a leader. It will also focus on about leadership where there are many forms of leadership where they defer in terms of policies and ideas. They range from charismatic leadership to bureaucratic but all agree on the fact that emotional intelligence is required to be successful.

Emotional intelligence is all about one’s ability to understand ones inner voice that commands emotions. Where an individual should be able to understand what emotions entail. One should also be able to know how his emotions affect the immediate environment. It should also be able to keep in mind how other individuals react and hence improve relation among them. In an effort of achieving that, there are characteristics that lead to emotional intelligence.

First is empathy, which entails the ability to understand the surrounding people they include there needs and their opinions towards a certain matter. In which one accepts others the way they are. Empathetic persons usually are quick to listen and slow to judge. When a leader finds empathy then definitely emotional intelligence comes along. One can improve on empathy by reading body language and know how people may feel about a matter and should respond to feelings of his juniors immediately.

Second trait is self-awareness where an emotional intelligence leader should be able to understand themselves and control there emotion and make sure they do not get the better of them in making decisions. This go hand in hand with self-regulation where thinking plays a bigger role and integrity guide the leader through the process.

Lastly, an emotional intelligent leader should be motivated at all times. In that, they never give up and are determined about the future. This usually encourages the entire staff to work harder without realizing the matter at hand. Motivation leads also o social skills where building relation with the entire organization and key players are important in a way.

Combination of all the discussed traits is a result of good leader who is different from a ruler. By paying attention to the entire environment, a leader may understand the environment well enough to make informed decision that is a plus to the organization. A leader should be the face of the entire organization and should do so by finding the emotional intelligence.

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