Best Techniques For Writing A Personal Statement Properly

When you get to the point into life where you are starting to apply for colleges, internships, and various scholarships, you will come to realize that each application is different. Some of them only need some basic information and maybe a few sentences about yourself. Others may require that you write an essay and/or a personal statement. A personal statement is just what it sounds like. It is basically an essay that is all about you. They can be short, or they can be long, it all depends on the application. The personal statement is a time for you to use your words and describe yourself in a way that makes the people receiving your application feel that you deserve to be accepted into the school or internship, or awarded the scholarship money. Here are some much-needed points of advice for constructing an amazing personal statement.

  • Give it structure
  • The best way to make a personal statement easier is to treat it like an essay. It will not be as strict as an academic essay, but it should have some sort of a structure. The first few sentences should be interesting yet revealing basic background information about yourself. It would be a good idea to say something thought provoking in this beginning portion.

  • Make a focus point
  • Just like in a traditional essay, you have to have a topic that you will focus on in the paper. For a personal statement, this topic is just as important. In most cases, the topic of your personal statement will come in the form of a theme. For example, the theme could be courage, or self-empowerment, or anything else along those lines. In this case, you will talk about a time that you felt a certain way are did something great. Sometimes, the theme or topic is chosen for you and given to you as a prompt for you to follow.

  • Proofread
  • Just because this is not a formal essay does not mean that you can forget about grammar and editing. You still need to look over all of you work and make sure that there are not any mistakes. Having a statement that is obviously proofread and organized will go a long way with the people that are judging or grading the personal statements that come in.

  • Final Words
  • Just keep in mind that even though you are writing an essay, you still have to make sure that you personality comes through. Make sure that you give off part of yourself in the piece.

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