A List Of Strong Essay Topics For College Applications

The essay for your college application is probably the most important essay you will ever write in your life. The showcase of your distinctive qualities and achievements will get you a spot in the college of your choice. Its importance deserves your full attention, so does the preparation and execution of writing it. When selecting the topic of your college application essay keep your achievements and personality in mind.

College applications usually come with a list of questions you can choose from as your essay. Some colleges give you carte blanche to choose any topic that you like.

Some tips on how to choose a topic from a list provided in the application form:

  • Read all the topic questions a few times before selecting one.
  • Do not choose a topic randomly. Think about which topic gives you the most room for you to express your particular capabilities and interests.
  • Do not choose a topic because it seems the easiest to tackle.
  • Choose a topic that can accentuate the positives of your character.

A list of college application essay prompts and topics:

  1. An experience that changed your life (What the experience was and how it changed you for the better) does not write a sob story here!)
  2. An important inspiration in your life (Write about an inspirational person you have encountered, and explain what changed due to them)
  3. Why you want to be in “this” college (You have to have some background knowledge on the college. Point out the things that make you a good fit, for example, something in their program)
  4. An incident or time where you experienced failure, your response, and the lessons you learnt
  5. An event, time, or incident that you identify as your transition into adulthood
  6. A place where you feel contentment what is it in the environment that makes you feel content and at peace. What is contentment in your opinion?
  7. Discuss an issue of personal, moral, ethical, national, or international importance and how it is significant for you

Make sure that you select your topic and start working on it well in advance of the submission deadline. Your application essay is one of your most important keys into college, brainstorm, and write it in an organized and systematic manner. Good luck and Happy Essay Writing

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