Where To Find Sample Application Essays?

Application essays can be scary for many students. Your education and possibly career are riding on this one essay to get you accepted into school. With that pressure, it can be hard to write at your best and make the essay something you can be proud of. Because of this, using a sample is something that works for a lot of students, because it gives them something to use as a reference and it gives them a structure to follow. Having that guidance can be very helpful as long as you’re using a good sample.

What Makes a Good Application Essay Sample?

  • It needs to be free from spelling and grammar errors
  • It should have a similar structure, length and subject matter to the one you need to write
  • A good sample for application essays will be interesting and not confusing
  • If you’re not sure about a sample, a good test is having a friend or classmate read it and then have them tell you what they think of it
  • In general, free samples aren’t that well written, but you can find a good one if you know what to look for

Why use a Sample for your Application Essay?

Finding and using a good sample can save you time and help you make your application essay much better. It’s pretty much an outline that’s done for you that you can use to mimic all the good parts of for your own essay.

Essay writing isn’t that hard when you have a model or template to emulate. In this way, as long as you know the sample you have is a good one, it can be very valuable to you.

Writing your first draft of the essay should be very easy, because you’ll pretty much be copying the sample (in your own words though, of course) and changing the details to your own personal information. Make sure that you never plagiarise part of a sample, because that’s a quick ticket to not being accepted! The sample is the most helpful when you can use it to speed up your rough draft writing. As long as your first draft is finished, you have the rest of the time before your deadline to edit and perfect the essay. Enlist the help of a few friends to read over it and tell you what they think; having a new perspective is good for finding errors.

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