Acquaintance with general rules: how do you write a personal statement?

To be able to write a good personal statement, you need to stay organized, planned and know some basic rules that you will follow. It can be very simple if you have done your homework in advance.

How to write your personal statement

The first step you need to take is picking a topic. Once you have selected a topic for your personal statement, you can then generate content related to it. Think about different ways of approaching the subject, brainstorm, free write, research and read relevant material as much as you can. Once you have written the content you can then edit it. Remove irrelevant details and add value to your writing.

Make a draft in your mind

Make a plan for your writing. Think of all the important points and ideas that, you want to mention in your personal statement. Add important information about yourself that will make your paper stand out from the rest.

Organize your personal statement

Make sure the order of your statement is not disturbed. You need to write your statement in a form of a narrative. The order of your statement is very important for the reader.

Know your audience

Whenever you sit down to write a statement, it is important that you know who you are writing it for. A personal statement shows your experiences and observations about the world. However, it does not have to be private. You need to understand your audience and write from their perspective

Edit your essay

Make sure your essay is informative and formal. It is okay to add a bit of emotion, drama and humor in your essay but you should not overdo it. Make sure there is no spelling error or grammatical mistakes. A very well written essay can lose all its impression if it has grammar mistakes. Do not copy your personal statement from someone. Make sure your article is completely original and unique

Proofread your essay

Proof reading is the next step to editing. People usually consider both of them as same. However, in editing you arrange the order of your paper, delete repeated events or sentences. Check the quality of the content etc. in proof reading you go through your content and check if it has any mistakes. If there are any sentences that need to be rephrased. You can always ask a friend to read your statement

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