Admission Essay Writing Can Be Easy

You have finally reached that really exciting moment in your life where you are ready to start applying to higher education institutions. Whether you are applying for undergraduate education, or graduate level education, you are going to want to be able to create an admissions essay that is going to appropriately reflect the interests and values that you hold closest to your heart. You are going to need to ensure that your admissions essay is written as professionally as possible so that your application stands out among the competition. You are making your plea for why you deserve a seat in the program before anyone else in the application process. This is your chance to really make yourself look like a more desirable candidate in more ways than your grades and test scores.

The admissions essay is a way for the evaluation panel to get a glimpse in to the type of people that they are looking to bring on to the next academic program. If you are starting to write an admissions essay, then you are going to want to follow these simple tips to make sure that your essay stands out. Some of the most important tips include:

  • You will first consider all of the topic selections – by considering all of the topics and not going with your first instinct, you will eliminate the chance for you to regret the selection that you made once you are too far in to the writing process.
  • Once you select the writing topic, you will create an outline- The outline will help you to organize your thoughts before you start drafting a copy of the essay.
  • You will edit your outline and information organization- By editing your outline at this point, you will greatly decrease the likelihood of having to engage in serious organization editing later on.
  • Now you will draft the first edition of your admissions essay.
  • Read you essay out loud and listen to how it sounds. Does it flow? Did you include all of the relevant information? Did you meet the word count requirements?

You will need to edit your paper a couple of times before it is ready to submit with the application. Remember when you are writing your admissions essay that it is important to:

  • Be creative
  • Take compositional risks
  • Honesty is very important
  • Be detailed
  • Follow instructions, follow all of the instructions!
  • Just when you think you have followed all of the instructions go back and proofread to make sure that you followed every single guideline.

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