MBA Admission Essay Format: Pros and Cons

When it comes to writing an MBA admissions essay, there is a specific format that you are going to need to work with. There are pros and cons to each requirement and it will help you to understand each side before you get started with the writing process. Some of the most important elements that you are going to need to include in your MBA admissions essay involve headings; career goals, why you need an MBA, consistent writing style, consistent voice, and follow the instructions with the word limit.

The pros to each of these sections include:

  • When you use headings they help to keep you organized through out the entire writing process
  • Career goals- writing down your goals might help you to get your thoughts in order when you are writing your MBA paper. This will be great for the evaluators to read, as well as for you to write. Even if you are not sure of your long-term goals, it will help to get your brain thinking about them
  • Explaining why you need an MBA to a panel of strangers will help you to get down your elevator pitch for business use later down the road
  • Consistent writing style will help to present the information to the readers in the clearest way possible
  • Consistent voice will make your paper more professional
  • Following the word limit – this will give you a goal of how much to write

The cons to each of these sections include:

  • When you use headings you can start to over think all of the information that you want to include in each section
  • Career goals- you might not have them solidified yet
  • Explaining why you need an MBA can be hard especially when you do not know who you are writing it for
  • Consistent writing style- this is a challenge and will require numerous editing sessions
  • Consistent voice- you will need to have more than one person edit your paper to make sure that you are following this guideline
  • Following the word limit - the evaluators will stop reading after the pre-established word limit. No matter how compelling your following words are.

If you are applying to an MBA program then you are going to need to deal with the cons of this list and really focus on the pros because all of these elements must be addressed and included in the admissions essay that you send in.

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