Why You Shouldn't Rely On College Admission Essay Examples Available For Free

Have you ever heard the phrase too good to be true? It seems outdated, like something your parents would say. But consider it “an oldie but a goodie”: sometimes, things really are “too good to be true”. So when you come across a free college admission essay example online, remember that phrase. Sometimes, the things we think are going to be the answer to all our prayers end up being the most destructive forces in our lives! Free college admission essay examples are a great example of something that’s “too good to be true”: you think you’ve found a way to cheat the system, but really you might be the one who ends up being cheated. Here’s why.

  1. 1. Every college is looking for something different. You are interested in different colleges for different reasons; location, programs, alumni, or credentials. But guess what: different colleges are interested in you for different reasons, too! Just like there’s no one college that’s perfect for everyone, there’s no one student that’s perfect for every college. Some colleges want someone with a lot of real-life experience, like travelling or having a job through high school. Some colleges are more interested in your grades, and how smart you are. Still other colleges care most about your extracurricular activities, and how active you were in your high school community. All of those colleges will want to hear something different about you, and they’ll be expecting it to shine through in your college essay. That’s why a free college admission essay example may not be what you need to succeed: if you use the same example to create your own admissions essay, you may not be highlighting the parts of you that are most appealing to that school.
  2. 2.You get what you pay for. If something’s free, it’s likely there’s a reason for it. Imagine you are at a thrift store: if they are selling two guitars, one for $50 and one for $10, you can assume that the $10 guitar is lesser quality, or in worse shape, than the $50 guitar. The same goes for essay examples you find online: the cheaper it is, the worse quality it will be. And since it’s impossible to get any cheaper than “free”, it’s safe to say that the free college admission essay examples will truly be the bottom of the barrel.
  3. 3. Anyone can post anything online. Unless you’re looking at a university (.edu) or organization (.org) website, there’s probably no oversight as to what gets posted or shared on the website. That means that just about anyone can offer free college admission essay examples, even if they have no qualifications that make them trustworthy. Would you trust a stranger on the internet with your money? If not, then don’t trust a stranger on the internet with your college education!

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