How to Write Strong College Admission Essays: Suggestions from an Expert

For most colleges, it is a requirement that you write a college admission essay in order to be accepted. This essay gives the admission board an idea of how prepared you are for college. There is a great deal of writing that is required in order to graduate college. Most courses will require that the students write several research papers throughout the course. Since this is such a main concern, the admissions board wants to ensure that the student can perform this basic task. Another reason why the admissions board wants an essay written from applicants is because it helps them learn more about who you are. For example, many college admission essays are informative essays about the applicant. These informative essays can be used to learn more about the applicant so that they can determine whether or not they are a good fit for the university. Since advisors read through thousands of essays, it is important to know how to make yours stand out.

Here are a few tips to ensure your success:

  1. Start with a strong hook

    You need to make sure that you catch the reader right up front. This is super important because you need to be given a shot. If your paper fails to capture the reader’s attention in the first few sentences, they may not finish reading it and you will have missed your chance that quickly.

  2. Engage the reader’s senses

    Use sensory details to engage your reader. Use specific details that help paint a picture. The image should be very vivid. This will surely capture your reader’s attention and make them remember.

  3. Show your personality through your writing

    Let your personality shine through your writing. Try not to sound like a perfectionist. Be yourself. The admissions advisors want to know you through your writing. It is important to sell yourself but don’t be afraid to do it through your personal experiences.

  4. Editing is very important

    One of the worst things you can do is hand in your essay without some extensive editing and revisions. Editing is so important because it will help you find your mistakes and will ensure that you are making sense. Do not forget this step.

If you follow these steps, you are sure to write a paper that is acceptable for you college admissions paper. Make it interesting and let you shine through.

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