How to avoid overused topics when writing an admission paper

An admission essay or paper is obviously important. You want to gain admission to a particular college and as there is plenty of competition from other interested students, you have to make sure that what you put down on your admission paper seriously improves your chances of being accepted. One of the best ways to help you do this is to tell you what not to do. Avoid overused topics. Look for websites which explain just what these are. Obviously what you should do is write well but here are a number of things you should avoid doing to make sure your admission paper actually gets you admitted.

  • forget the word I
  • do away with vague words - things, stuff and activities
  • overwriting
  • lose the digression
  • lose the adjectives

An admission essay is a personal essay and the personal pronoun will obviously be a regular part of your writing. But do not overdo it. I did this and I did that and I went here and I went there are boring to read and won’t to improve your chances. Talk about yourself without using the personal pronoun all the time.

When you use vague words like stuff and things and activities they don't tell the reader anything specific. Be specific. If you have done a particular activity, name that activity and describe what you did.

If two students are vying for the final place at a college and one that writes a short, sharp and interesting essay whereas the other writes a long-winded essay, with a done-to-death topic, have a guess who is going to get admitted? Less is more. Cut. In fact cut wherever you can.

Many students make a point and then decide to expand upon it. They digress. The digression is not necessary. Make the point and leave it at that. Lose all flowery language. Cut to the chase. Remember that the person reading the admission essays has to wade through hundreds if not thousands of them. Yours will stand out if it is to the point and interesting and does not contain an overused topic.

One of the best ways to lose interest from a reading point of view is a surfeit of adjectives. You could even argue you need to know a use them at all. It might be wonderful event and you might have done something on a beautiful day but the adjectives are not necessary. This is not a literary competition and even if it were some people might argue against the adjectives anyway. But remember to stick to the point and write in a simple and clear fashion.

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