Entrance Essays: Being Thoughtful and Mature

More students than ever before are enlisting the aid of professional writers to help them complete their college entrance essays. When there is only one institution or college of choice that they are applying too, many students feel as if they need the extra help to make their essay stand out. These High School students, who are typically only applying to one place, need all the help they can get to get in order to assure that they get accepted into the College or University of their dreams.

The college entrance essay writing process is one that is often misunderstood, because students do not know "why" they are writing they often approach their essay content with blind faith writing something similar to what they would hand in for their English class assignment. What these young High School students fail to realize is that the reason why many Colleges require that students write an entry essay is because they are looking to fill their campus with diverse students who have a variety of character and life experience. The reason why the application process includes a written component is because they want to see what kind of person the applicant is, not judge them on their writing skill. For this reason formatting and technical skill on an entrance essay, is not nearly as important as "content" itself. However, because they are young these students typically do not have a lot of life experience to write about, they usually either are forced to write about something insignificant such as there superficial High School Life, or overshoot and talk about something that is worldly beyond their years.

One thing that is important to keep in mind is that the application readers know that the content that is being written is by young High School Students. They aren't expecting these pieces to be overly extravagant or completed like a professionally commissioned piece. Instead what they look for are students with unique insights and personal statements that make them different or exceptional compared to their peers! Although it is important to be thoughtful and mature in your entrance essay, there is nothing wrong with being you. Consider this, all of the other students will be trying to "sell themselves" using some sort of gimmick, if you are authentic and honest it will be refreshing for the applicant readers. Try to tap in to some real emotions and truthful observations but don’t get to caught up in trying to appear to be something that you are not.

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