Prompts For Crafting A Solid Application Essay

An application essay is the only thing that stands between you and acceptance into the college of your dreams. Don’t let it get in your way by handing in a super essay! If you take the time and do the work to make a really fantastic application essay, you will significantly increase your chances of being accepted, and all the effort put in will be worth it. Prospective students that are thinking of starting an education to a new career, or changing careers, have high hopes for their futures in this industry. For whatever reason, you’re passionate about the major that you’re applying for and that needs to show through in the words of your essay. If the school admissions board sees how much you love this work and that you really want to contribute to the community and industry, they’re more likely to take you on as a student.

Writing Prompts for Application Essays

Here are a few ideas to get you started on a great application essay:

  1. Talk about a time when you had a failure, how it affected you, and the lessons that you learned. This might sound counter-intuitive, but you can impress the board by showing your ability to learn and move on from mistakes. Focus on your reaction and response to the failure, and how you grew from it.

  2. Describe a place that means a lot to you. This could be a house, church, classroom, treetop, book, country, etc. where you feel happy and content. Share what you value about this location.

  3. Do you have a background story or experience that compels you to enter this field? If your identity is at the core of your passion, then make sure to tell the story! If you’ve lived in an interesting place, dealt with an unusual family situation or anything else unique that’s altered you as a person, you can explain the how and why behind these memories.

  4. Discuss an event (formal or informal) that marked your transition into your community, family, or culture, or into adulthood. Maturity does come about over periods of time, so don’t focus on just a single period in time. Make sure to include failures and accomplishments, and avoid setting yourself up as a “hero”.

  5. Reflect on a changed idea or belief that you used to have. Was there something that significantly altered your view on life or a belief you had? Talk about the cost of your action and how this developed your personality today.

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