Writing Essays for Scholarships: How to stand out from the Crowd

Just like all people no two essays are going to be equal. When it comes to writing a scholarship essay, it may seem difficult to stand out from the crowd but there are some simple things that a person can do to separate themselves from the crowd. Most scholarships are determined by a committee and they receive many well written essays all of which may be qualified for the scholarship. How do they decide? Often it is the personality and information that is put into the essay that pushes one essay over the top. This paper will give you a short list of things to put into your essay to stand out from the crowd.

Show your Talent

Often times there is modesty that people are taught which needs to be thrown out the window when it comes to applying for a scholarship. Each scholarship has thousands of applicants each year. This essay is a chance to toot your own horn and tell the admissions panel and the world about how great you are. Your accomplishments should all be displayed clearly for all to see. All things from the play starred in during tenth grade to being class president. All of the accomplishments of a student, in and out of school should be shown in your essay for a scholarship.

Show your Character

Character is what you do when nobody else is looking. Getting a scholarship is an opportunity to gain part or even all of your education paid for and it is these committees that need to hear about your character. Information about the student’s charitable activities would are a great way to do this. Even though a lot of things that display character are personal, this is a forum for sharing. Let them know why being honest and working hard are important parts of your life. Then give examples of experiences which display this character to the committee. Many great students are going to apply for scholarships, make sure they know that a great person is also applying as well.

Show Need or Value of Scholarship

Another great tact to take is to display clearly what getting the scholarship would mean to you. If there is a financial need that could be alleviated then that could make a difference. Most scholarships are designed to reward academic behavior, but they are awarded by people. Most people love to know that what they are doing is going to make a difference in the world. Allowing a person to attend the college of their dreams or to attend college at all is a great story. Let the committee know what a difference it will make in the life of the student.

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