How To Write The Best Scholarship Essays - Tips & Examples

There is a lot of scholarship money out there. With the high cost of school, it is a good idea to apply for as many scholarships as possible even if you are getting financial aid. The less money you have to pay back; the better. You will more than likely already have to make car payment sized contributions to your student loans when they come due.

To win the scholarship, you have to write an excellent essay to beat out the other applicants. Here are a few tips and examples to put yourself in a good position to write the best possible scholarship essay.


  • When choosing your topic, it is best to do some brainstorming. The topic of your paper is very important. Ask yourself questions like what your greatest accomplishment has been, what quality you possess that sets you apart from most people, and what was a very difficult time in your life that you overcame.
  • Create an outline. It will help you stay on the subject and also help you organize your ideas. It is definitely a good place to start. It will help you develop some good thoughts for your essay.
  • Use the five paragraph essay format. This format includes an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement, three body paragraphs to prove the thesis, and a conclusion. It is a great format for most papers.
  • Use transitional phrases between paragraphs to bridge to the next paragraph. The thesis statement will be the bridge from the introduction to the first body paragraph. So, you just need to transition between the body paragraphs and to the conclusion.
  • Take your time on the introduction and conclusion. These paragraphs are the most rushed paragraphs in the paper. They are just as important as the body of the paper, so take your time and do them right.


  • Where I will be in ten years
  • The most influential person I know
  • My biggest success is…
  • My dream is to…
  • The doors that I have opened for myself

The scholarship committees are looking for upbeat personalities so make sure that you let yours shine through your essay. Give yourself enough time to proofread and edit the paper. This is a step that a lot of writers forget and then they turn in their paper with small errors that they missed and the board caught. Automatic rejection pile they go. Don’t lose before you ever get a chance to win.

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